L. A. Songwriters' Festival - CANCELLED !!!

'CATCH THE MUSIC,' - a celebration of Original Music



The Annual L.A. Songwriters' Festival has been cancelled.


The L.A. Songwriters Festival has been cancelled. We had eleven years of super songwriters showcasing some great original music at the American Legion in Fairhope. And we had a great time putting on the show but we find that our time in the songwriters festivals has past and other good, fully funded songwriting venues are taking the lead. Thanks again for your past attendance and support of original music. There will always be great opportunities for original music and good music at our Guitar Jams on Friday and Saturday and at the TIKI BAR on Friday thru Sunday in season. Ya'll come and keep the music going.

   The L.A. SONGWRITERS' FESTIVAL will be held at the American Legion Post 199 at 700 S. Mobile Street in Fairhope.

   DATE:  Cancelled !

Friday and Saturday:  Seventeen original songwriters on the intimate but spacious inside Hall Stage during the two days with a jam session at the end of each evening's performances.   
Vendor exhibits, festival activities, food and other events throughout the period.  See performance schedules and songwriter bios below.

Admission:  $ 15 / day


   The LASF is a celebration of original music played in an acoustic setting on the intimate and comfortable indoor Hall Stage arranged for intimate listening appreciation and enjoyment.  The performances are designed to aid artists in further promoting their work and to encourage participation in other songwriter events such as the Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival on the Alabama Gulf Coast in November.


   The American Legion provides a newly updated and outstanding stage with appreciative music fans for artists who wish to share their original creations and new musical ideas.

   The LASF is open to the public and encourages original music appreciation fans to attend.  Cell phones, loud conservations and other disruptive actions are not permitted in the Legion Hall during performances.  Please use the Northside Deck or the outsideTENT area for lively discussion, smoking and cool refreshments.  Musicians with original scores and lyrics should contact the Legion at 251/928-9132 if they wish to participate in future festivals.

NOTE:  Smoking is not permitted indoors at the Legion.  Smokers should use the outside deck and bayside porch areas. 

2015 schedule shown below. the 2016 Schedule will follow.


L.A. Songwriters' Festival
the 11th Annual Celebration of Original Music

September 11 & 12, 2015

 Come and 'CATCH THE MUSIC !' 

Friday, September 11

7 - Gregg Fells ~ Harrison McInnis ~ Matt Hoggatt
8:15 - Tyler Champion ~ Lauren Kay ~ Randy Branch
9:30 - Wes Lee ~ Gove Scrivenor

Saturday, September 12

7 - Sharon K. Moore ~ Denver Hawsey ~ Steve Wilkerson
8:15 - Ryan Balthrop ~ Cary Laine ~ Eric Erdman
9:30 - Cary Hudson ~ Rick Hirsch ~ Molly Thomas


$15 Admission daily


   Chairman - Skip Jones;  Vice Chairman and Talent Director - Randy Branch;  Director of Operations - Susan Mitchell Treasurer and American Legion Coordinator - John Henderson


   From I-65 (east from Mobile, Alabama), take US Highway 98 south toward Daphne and Fairhope.  Continue on Scenic 98 through Fairhope within sight of the bay.  The American Legion is just south of Fairhope's Municipal Pier on beautiful Mobile Bay.  Plenty of free parking.

   Baron's Motel, Gambino's Restaurant and the Elk's Lodge are directly across the street from the Legion.


Adam Tyler Brown ~ Agabus ~ Alan Hartzell ~ Allie Logan ~ Alvin Porter ~ Andrew Duhon ~ Andy McDonald ~ Anthony Crawford ~ Ashe Underwood ~ Ashley Miller ~ Ashlee K. Thomas ~ Benita Murphy ~ Beverly Jo Scott ~ Bill Press ~ Blind Dog Mike ~ Bo Roberts ~ Brent Burns ~ Brittany Grimes ~ Burke Ingraffia ~ Buzz Cason ~ Buzz Kiefer ~ Cameron Zion ~ Cary Hudson ~ Cary Laine ~ Cathe Steele ~ Chad Maness ~ Charles Davis ~ Chris Graham ~ Chris Cuevas ~ Chris Newbury ~ Christy Fritz ~ Cowboy Johnson ~ Damien Lamb ~ Dan Tyler ~ David Dulion ~ Davis Raines ~ Delta Funk ~ Denver Hawsey ~ Dixie Flyers ~ Donna Hall ~ Donna Slater ~ Donnie Mills ~ Doug Forshey ~ El Cantador ~ Elaine Petty ~ Ellen Robertson ~ Eric Erdmann ~ Eric Randall ~ Evans Davis ~ Gail Book ~ George Eberlein ~ Gove Scrivenor ~ Grady Rosten ~  Granville Automatic ~ Greg Travis ~ Gregg Fells ~ Gregory Brown ~ Gretsch Lyles ~ Hannah Aldridge ~ Hank Becker ~ Harrison McInnis ~ Heath Underwood ~ Hunter Lawley ~ J. Hawkins ~ J. Michael Tilley ~ Jason Feinstein ~ Jason Smith ~ James Floyd ~ Jason Feinstein ~ Jeanie Perkins ~ Jenny Reynolds ~ Jerry Powell ~ Jimmy Lee Hannaford ~ Jimmy Lumpkin ~ Jody Payne ~ Joe Langley ~ John Joiner ~ John Lisi ~ John Reno ~ John Edd Thompson ~ Johnny Barbato ~ Jon Miller ~ Julie Anne Sellers ~ Justin Fobes ~ Kathryn Scheldt ~ Karen Waldrup ~ Keith Glass ~ Kerry Polk ~ Kevin Clements ~ Kim Carson ~ Kurt Winn ~ Kyle & Karl ~ Larry Book ~ Lauren Kay ~ Larry T. Wilson ~ Lee Yankee ~ Les Lydon ~ Lisa Christian ~ Lisa Mills ~ Lolly Lee ~ Mackie Lister ~ Mark Bintliff ~ Mark Robinson ~ Mark Sherrill ~ Matt Hoggatt ~ Matt Goedken ~ Micah Husband ~ Mike Hutchinson ~ Milton Brown ~ Molly Thomas ~ Nick Gill ~ Paul Brammer ~ Phil Proctor ~ Randy Branch ~ Rhonda Hart ~ Rick Carter ~ Rick Hirsch ~ Rick Whaley ~ Rock Killough ~ Roger Fleshman ~ Roger Fritz ~ Rondell Overstreet ~ Rusty Miller ~ Ryan Balthrop ~ Savana Lee ~ Scott Albert Johnson ~ Scott Boyer ~ Scott McPherson ~ Sean Donahue ~ Seth Cherniak ~ Shawna P. Brown ~ Sharon Moore ~ Stephen Foster ~ Steve Wilkerson ~ Steven Lee Veal ~ Sugarcane Jane ~ Suzi Ragsdale ~ Tim Simmons ~ Tommy Nichols ~ Top Hat & Jackie ~ Travis Meadows ~ Troy Brannon ~ Tyler Champion  ~ Vic DuBose ~ Wes Lee


   The schedule of future songwriters' festivals will be published on this site when available.

     The 12th Annual L.A. Songwriters' Festival has been cancelled.

      Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival web site is www.fbisf.com

     Mobile Bay Songwriters web site is www.hometown.aol.com/johnedd/